Gaff-rigged Cutter

Toucando was built in Howth, Dublin, by her original owners using a 35' GRP hull built by the late Martin Heard of Gaffers and Luggers in Mylor, Cornwall.

Falmouth Quay Punts were working boats that ran errands for ships arriving in the English Channel and putting in to Carrick Roads. They would take crew ashore, carry messages and bring provisions.

Her original owners adapted Martin Heard's design to give more headroom, without losing the traditional flush decked appearance. Toucando combines her Cornish working boat origins with the quality of an early 20th century gentleman's yacht and the convenience and strength of modern materials and technology.

Toucando relocated from Dublin to Southampton in Spring 2011 and has participated in a range of events including those organised by the Solent Gaffers and Southampton Sailing Club. Her biggest voyage to date was the Old Gaffers Association 2013 "Round Britain Challenge", which took her from Southampton round Cornwall to South Wales, then to Holyhead, over to her original home of Dublin, then to Belfst via the Isle of Man. She then explored the Scottish islands including Islay and Mull, before going through the Caledonian Canal and Lock Ness to Inverness, the Moray Firth and down the east coast. After a visit to Ransgate she went over to France, before completing the circumnavigation to the big part at Cowes then back home to Southampton.

Toucando is a privately owned leisure yacht. She does not operate commercially. She has a group of regular crew, however occasional opportunities arise for new crew who may take part on a cost sharing basis - typically £20-25 per day.
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